Nybro the town in the Kingdom of Chrystal

Welcome to Nybro, the charming small town in the Kingdom of Crystal. Stroll around the small, welcoming shops and cafés. Three days a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the town also enjoys friendly market trade. The location in the scenic Kingdom of Crystal with its glass and designer traditions makes Nybro an attractive destination.

The design tradition in the Municipality of Nybro dates from 1916 when Simon Gate was the first designer to come to the Orrefors glassworks. Since then, the glassworks and district have had a proud tradition with many famous designers. Today, there are also many other exciting destinations with design traditions and links, for example, Målerås Glasbruk and Designarenan, Nybro Glasbruk and the Pukeberg area with glassworks, artist studios, the Linné University design programme and, not least, Arkivet för Svensk Formgivning (Archive for Swedish Design) with more than 100,000 sketches.

The Municipality of Nybro also has many historic sights including Sweden’s longest homestead museum in the old church stables by Madesjö Church, the community centre of Qvarnaslät and the old hammer mill in Orrefors, which is now going to be restored to its former glory. The sights are all surrounded by beautiful Småland nature, with lovely footpaths and nice lakes with swimming opportunities.

More information about Nybro

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