The municipality of Lessebo

The Municipality of Lessebo is located in the Kingdom of Crystal, one of Sweden’s outmost tourist destinations. Once here, we can promise an experience in Swedish industrial production out of the ordinary. Walk right into the glassworks and experience the magical moment when molten sand, lead and potash become world-class handicraft.

There has been glass production in Kosta since 1742 and now, it can be experienced in a new and unique way in Kosta at Kosta Boda Art Hotel. Today, the municipality’s glassworks include Bergdala Studioglas, Skrufs Glasbruk and Transjö Hytta, all of which are open to visitors. Lessebo Handmade Paper Mill – one of Sweden’s last handmade paper mills – has produced handmade paper since 1693. You are welcome to see how the handmade paper is made to this day, in roughly the same was as it was 300 years ago.

Lessebo’s forests and lakes make it an excellent place for active nature experiences. There are good stocks of pike, perch and pikeperch in the fresh, clean lakes, as well as many waters with salmon trout, char and rainbow trout. Lessebo is also part of the emigration district described by Vilhelm Moberg in his novels, and many of the settings and places in the books can be visited to this day.

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