Emmaboda was located using a pair of compasses

When the population centre of Emmaboda was established as a railway junction, it was located exactly equidistant from the county cities of Kalmar, Karlskrona and Växjö using a pair of compasses. It is exactly 57 kilometres from each of the three cities. The location was considered important when the railway was built in 1874. This argument is even more important today.

Bil race

If you allow yourself the time to get to know Emmaboda, you’ll see traces of Emmaboda’s rich history. It was here that the Vissefjärda farmer Nils Dacke in his Dackeland became famous throughout Scandinavia for his fight for freedom against the Swedish King and his bailiffs. Dacke’s blood runs through our veins today, making us a freedom-loving and rebellious people with a fresh way of thinking.

Vilhelm Moberg is another person who left a clear impression on Emmaboda’s history. His descriptions and stories of Småland’s crofters live on far beyond Småland’s borders. We are of course proud to belong to the people Moberg described so vividly: people who never gave up and always saw opportunities where others saw insurmountable obstacles.


Cykelled i Emmaboda

A good location for a visit

When you are here, you are in the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal. The environment with its buildings around the glassworks is unique, and the shopping for designer glass is a must. The combination of unspoilt forests and beautiful lakes make many return here year after year. Several angling businesses operate in the municipality, and there are paths and trails for hikers, cyclists and motorcyclists. Emmaboda has a very wide range of events to offer. For music lovers, there is the Emmaboda Festival in Rasslebygd, which has grown to become one of the most famous music festivals in Sweden. Emmaboda also offers theatrical performances and other musical events. “En dag på Strippen” is a motor event that has grown in popularity and attracts visitors as well as companies in the trade to set up in the municipality. “En dag med Moberg” (One Day with Moberg) is a popular cultural event, and there are many others in Duvemåla.


Ung i Emmaboda

A good location for living

The geographic location is clearly good for people who choose to move to Emmaboda. Emmaboda has a labour market with more than 30,000 jobs within half an hour and good accommodation at reasonable prices. Whether you choose to move into an existing house or apartment or buy a plot of land in an attractive location and build something new, Emmaboda is a safe and easy place for families to live in. Good schools right up to upper secondary school offer good and secure education with a wide range of recreational activities.

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